The latest sileo version now supports for iOS Some of may think why do we need Sileo when there is Cydia. Wellthe answer for that is Cydia has been replaced by Sileo. Is there any more reasons for why Sileo has been introduced?

The latest version of Sileo 1. This Sileo v1. It includes speed and performance improvements. Sileo v1. This version consist of, Minor bug fixes Adds an industry-standard 3rd party analytics frameworks.

sileo repository

Fatser than previous versions Adds support for iOS 13 Adds a brand new dark mode. This fixes an issue with opening URLs in Sileo not working properly. It will be supported all bit devices running iOS 11 and later versions.

Just as with everything else, Sileo has its own pros and cons. Sileo allows BigBoss repository to display one ad. After some heated situation, Sileo team has finally decided to allow BigBoss to serve one ad to its users.

This will display on each jailbreak tweak depiction page in the next beta preview. The BigBoss repository is the last of the many repositories in business. ModMyi and ZodTTD archived their jailbreak tweak catalogs more than a year ago due to cash flow problems. Even Saurik also decided to close the Cydia Store, disabling jailbreak tweak purchases from the BigBoss repository in the process. Actually why Sileo has been introduced?

sileo repository

Cydia is more than 15 years old and Saurik is the key star. But from some time, Saurik is being silent and new jailbreak developers don't have time to wait till Saurik update Cydia to the latest version. As a result of that, they have created their own version of Cydia naming Sileo. Sileo is much faster than Cydia and all credits goes to Electra Jailbreak Team plus more for creating this awesome bundle.

Sileo will be compatible for iOS 11 onwards but not for the versions below iOS For those versions which are below iOS 11 can use Cydia without no question. Further digging, Sileo will not be compatible for bit devices. But it is said that Sileo will work with previous Cydia repositories and packages and that is a vital implementation detail for those jailbreaking.

How To Add BigBoss Repo Source in Sileo

A public version of Sileo has been released recently. You can install Taigone from below button and get the experience of a light weight Sileo with limitations as Sileo full version needs a Jailbreak. This light weight Sileo does not require jailbreak. The date has been arrived with the release of Chimera Jailbreak by Electra. Now you can have Sileo from Electra or Chimera jailbreaks.

These jailbreak tools are now available in TaigOne. Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy Sileo light version.If you're familiar with jailbreakingyou're well aware of the fragmented nature of downloading tweaks. Unlike the iOS App Store, which contains about two million apps of varying categories, installing jailbroken packages often requires you to first install a separate repo into either Cydia or its replacement Sileoas many of these tweaks aren't available outright.

Short for repositories, repos are basically external sources that can be installed in Cydia and Sileo that house tweaks from one or various developers, so you'll have access to even more apps, extensions, and themes you can't get in the App Store.

The process of installing these add-on packs to Sileo is, in my opinion, easier than doing so in Cydiabut only by a slim margin. It's worth noting, however, that external repos you've installed in Cydia will not carry over into Sileo. As such, you'll need to install those repos individually into Sileo if you plan on using Sileo exclusively moving forward.

Also, while most repos support Sileo, there will be a few that haven't added support yet. In the Sileo app, tap on the "Sources" tab at the bottom, then hit "Edit" in the upper-right of the following page. Upon selecting "Edit," a plus icon will appear on the same location, so tap on it to proceed. Next, tap "Enter Manually" on the prompt that appears. In the empty field on the popup, enter the URL for the repo you wish to install. Don't be confused if one of the repos you're adding has "cydia" in the URL — these will still work in Sileo.

Next, tap on "Add Source," and sit back and wait a moment for the repo to process and install automatically.


After installing your repo, you can add any of the tweaks housed inside of it. Simply tap on the repo from the "Sources" tab and browse its folders. You can also perform searches for tweaks in any repo from the "Search" tab in the bottom-right of Sileo. If you have too many repos installed in Sileo, it may make the app run sluggishly, but you can delete repos after getting the tweaks you want from them. To do so, either tap on "Edit" from the "Sources" tab in Sileo, then tap the minus delete button next to the source you want to remove, or simply swipe left on a target repo and hit the red "Delete" button that appears on the right.

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Hot Latest.Recently, we talked about what is Cydia and Cydia basics. I hope you have good understating about the Cydia app and why it is important for iOS users. I recommended you to read that previous article if you are a new Cydia user. I assume that you have good knowledge about the Cydia app now. Firstly, I hope you know how to add Cydia sources to Cydia application. If you are new to add Cydia sources just read below articles, it will guide you to how to add Cydia repo to your Cydia app.

BigBoss repo is the biggest best Cydia sources available. Without Bigboss, Cydia is nothing. You can try it to your device. It provides hundreds of tweaks, themes, apps, etc. This source automatically installed when you install the Cydia app.

You can check it out from the below link. ModMyi is another popular Cydia sources. It has a different type of verities of tweaks. Furthermore, their categories also categorized very well. You can find more application for education, travel, entertainment, business, etc. In ModMyi you can try Sbsetting and Mywi. Great paid tweak for iPhone and iPad. This is also a good Cydia source. They offer more tweak and apps for iOS devices. As wells as it helps to customize your iOS device too.

Because it provides various type of games according to category with free games. If you are a game lover.

sileo repository

You can try it. Insanelyi repo is another good source for Cydia. They also provide more useful apps and tweak. You can join their forum to get a new update and new application releases.One of the biggest and oldest jailbreak tweak repositories BigBoss has finally been made compatible with the Sileo package manager.

The source became Sileo compatible with the addition of SHA support. Until now packages hosted on BigBoss were being offered through repoproxy, which delivered buggy and slow experience to Sileo users. That changes with the official support as now tweaks will download faster and new tweaks will become available more quickly.

With the new update to the BigBoss repo, jailbreak users who have jailbroken their iOS devices using the Chimera jailbreak will be able to add BigBoss to their native Sileo sources, and be able to download tweaks and apps hosted on its servers.

You can add BigBoss repository to Sileo on an iPhone or iPad that is already jailbroken with Chimera using the steps below. Sileo will now add the repo. If you get error, simply ignore it and tap on the Done button. BigBoss will still be added to your sources. Once Sileo has loaded BigBoss you will see all tweaks hosted on the repo in your list of tweaks and they will also appear in the Search.

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Connect with us. Continue Reading. You may also like Click to comment. More in How to. Fix By Khadeejah Jawed April 4, How to iPhone Keeps Shutting Down? To Top.In case you missed it, 0ptimo has officially implemented SHA for the BigBoss repository, paving the way for full Sileo support.

It has announced that an upcoming Sileo update will implement the official BigBoss repository out of the box, but why wait? In this tutorial, we will show you how you can add the official BigBoss repository to your Sileo package manager right now.

Best Cydia Sources and Cydia Repos – 2020

To add the newly-updated repository to your Sileo package manager. Merely follow these simple steps below:.

Note: You have to ignore those errors. If you tap directly on the newly-added BigBoss repository. Then the steps in this tutorial will help you limp along for the time being.

As it may iron out some of the errors. Are you excited to use the official BigBoss repository in Sileo? Rather than the repoproxy version? Discuss why or why not in the comments section below!

Give us your feedback about it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.It is the first jailbreaking tool to support iPhone XS and iPhone XR and its also the first jailbreak which does not ship with Cydia as its default package manager.

Instead, it ships with Sileo — a new and modern package manager that is more refined than Cydia in every possible way. Like Cydia though, one needs to manually add package sources in Sileo for it to show jailbreak tweaks.

If you closely follow the jailbreaking community, you will already know the sources to add to Sileo. If not, check out our list of the best sources for jailbreak tweaks that you can add to Sileo for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 — iOS The good thing about Sileo is that you can copy-paste multiple sources all at once.

So, you can copy all the above jailbreak sources and paste them to Sileo all at once to add them. Drop a comment and share it with our readers! Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.There are loads of repositories out there, but not all of them are trustworthy or safe to use.

Before you go finding them on the internet and adding them, cast your eye over our top picks. All of these sources have been tested:. This one is for those who love to play retro console games as it contains a whole heap of games emulators for all different consoles, like PS1 and Nintendo. Lux has proven itself to an incredibly popular tweak over the years; it provides a way for you to control how bright your iPhone or iPad screen is so you can take the strain off your eyes.

This repo is the only place to get this tweak from. XBMC is the best media center available, providing a considerable number of options to users for streaming and storing media; TeamXBMC is the source to get it from.

Top 100+ BEST Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 12! (Cydia & Sileo)

Ryan Petrich is one of the most popular and active developers, always bringing new tweaks out and always updating the older ones to keep them working. This repo source is where you will find BrowserChooser and Activator, two of the more popular tweaks.

It offers less than the popular tweak but more than the stock iOS Messages app. This is one of the more advanced sources, offering tweaks for those who have experienced at the deeper levels of the iOS firmware. This is another of the sources for advanced users, this time providing several useful command-line tweaks. If you want your iPhone interface to look like that of the Apple Watch, this is the source to get the right tweak. A great source for Cydia tweaks to choose from including some tweaks and iOS themes to help you customize your device.

Try AppSwitcher for starters. Home to a great choice of themes, including the popular Dreamboard themes, along with games, apps and tweaks, all free. A great source of free content, including some of the top themes, tweaks, and apps. Read how to add a repo on Sileo in the linked tutorial. Stay tuned for more updates on Cydia and Sileo app and news of other Repo sources by following us on Facebook. Hi my case is all cydia source changing to Sileo Sources, mean all repo i add before on Cydia gone and what i add on Sileo show on Cydia Sources.

It is also jailbreak free. Not sure your description of his activity is currently accurate. Both of these sources will not install on Cydia. Says timed out every time.

What is the problem? I have IOS Can you please help? I need MyWi hotspot on my phone and these two seems to be the only source to get it. Can anyone help? I have an iPad 2, running ios 8. Is there any change I could get AirDrop? Your email address will not be published. September 23, Cydia and Sileo Repo Sources. When I try to add a source, it says I have to pay. Am I doing something wrong??

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